This week I will be curating the Biotweeps twitter account, talking about my research and experiences in academia and science. I’m really looking forward to connecting with the Biotweeps followers and sharing some stories with them!


Here is a tentative schedule for what I will be tweeting about each day.*



Monday – am – introducing myself and how and why I became a zoologist

   – pm – cooperative breeding and meerkats

Tuesday – allonursing (in meerkats – my PhD research)

Wednesday – cooperative breeding and parental care (focus on fairy wrens and my recent fieldwork in Oz)

Thursday – maternal investment and hihi

Friday – maternal effects, mating systems, sex ratios

Saturday – am – planning an outreach event

   – pm – reflections on making it this far in academia… (and whatever else I’ve forgotten to discuss during the week…!)


Other things I’d like to talk about and hear about from the followers – please send in your suggestions or answers!

What got you into science? What’s been your best animal experience so far? What papers changed how you think about science? Favourite science/science-related books? Best place to visit for wildlife-spotting?


Male hihi (photo credit J. Graham :

I’d really like to turn things over to the followers as much as possible (in terms of deciding what to tweet about) – so, please do get in touch if I’ve touched on anything you’d like me to discuss in more detail. I’ll leave about an hour each day for this.

More from @biotweeps from tomorrow!


UPDATE: You can read all my tweets from the Biotweeps account here.





*Knowing me, I’ll get excited about something and tweet more about that than expected, so this might change as we go along! 


More about Biotweeps here. If you like the sound of this, and are a biologist (broad definition), you can sign up here!


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