Arrival at Penn State!

If you’ve been following my Twitter feed lately, you’ll have picked up on the change in my location – Pennsylvania, USA!

I arrived in State College and started my new postdoc position at Penn State one month ago. It’s been a busy month dealing with the admin of a new job, and much more excitingly getting stuck into preparations for my first fence lizard field season. We leave for Alabama in a few weeks to start collecting!

So far Penn State has been as welcoming and friendly as could be. Both my departments (I’m jointly based in Biology, and in Ecosystem Science & Management) seem very friendly, highly collaborative, and there’s a great, open, creative atmosphere that I’m really enjoying. My research group(s) also love sharing their love of science and nature as much as I do – check out the excellent blog that’s run by my lab-mates!

Outside of work, I’ve begun exploring the beautiful (and HUGE!) campus, including taste-testing the famous Berkey Creamery‘s wares (SPOILER – they are amazing!)…



I also finally got to meet and hang out with long-term Twitter pal Katie Hinde, who came to Penn State as a visiting speaker!


I’ve also had some opportunity to get out into the woods and enjoy the beautiful Pennsylvania landscape – and wildlife! This weekend I was out helping new labmate and friend Chris Howey collect some data on timber rattlesnakes – we saw plenty of those, plus this cute little garter snake. It’s happened fast, but I’m hooked on herps!

I’ll be posting much more about fieldwork, and my lizard projects soon. I’m really excited to get my hands on some lizards – the more I get prepared, the more excited I am about this awesome project and study system!