Research in the time of coronavirus…

Picture 1

There was something a little different about celebrating the acceptance of our recent paper this month – screens like the above, where we are “Alone Together”, are the new normal as we get through the strange time of trying to keep research moving during a global pandemic.

I left Tasmania a few weeks early to be able to get back to my family in the UK before borders closed. I’m very lucky to have been able to finish the majority of my field and lab work – but my heart really breaks for those who’ve had to abandon painstakingly planned projects because they can’t get to field sites, or even to their labs.

I contributed to a piece in the National Postdoctoral Association’s POSTDOCket about how COVID-19 has affected postdoc research, particularly focusing on people who were away from home during this crisis – check it out.

I will be working from my parents’ home in Scotland until travel is allowed again. This is a difficult and stressful time, but there are a lot of exciting research projects I’m working on, and I’m looking forward to sharing those as they progress. In the meantime I hope everyone is staying well, staying safe, and looking after their mental health.

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